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Beer Overview

Dry-Hopped Belgian Golden
Belgian Golden Ale
We’re combining elements of Duvel’s classic golden ale with Sierra Nevada’s hop-forward fanaticism to create a new beer that highlights both. The complex and fruity nature of Duvel’s signature yeast is the first thing that greets you, followed shortly by a blast of bright, citrusy hops. The beer also has a touch of lemon peel for a pop that greets the palate right at the finish of this deceptively drinkable and complex beer.
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About the Beer

Alcohol Content
Beginning Gravity
Ending Gravity
Bitterness Units
Belgian Ale
Bittering Hops
Finishing Hops
Saaz, Styrian Celeia, Cashmere, Calista, El Dorado
Pilsner, French Pilsner, Wheat
Lemon Peel


Duvel Moortgat
Breendonk-Dorp 58, 2870 Puurs, Belgium
Duvel—the namesake classic golden ale—is like the Mona Lisa. A work of art. It can’t be truly replicated and will never be bettered. It’s one of those beers that always finds a spot on our “top ten, desert island” beer lists. Additionally, in 2010, as we were researching our Ovila Abbey Ales series of beers, we paid a visit to Duvel in Belgium and were treated to ultra-fresh beers and warm hospitality that left a lasting impression. In short, if we were going to do an international Beer Camp, Duvel was always going to be on the list.
Duvel Moortgat
Est. 1871 | Breendonk-Dorp 58, 2870 Puurs, Belgium

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