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Beer Overview

Thai-style Iced Tea Ale
Spiced Ale
Mikkeller has opened several world-class craft beer bars all over the world, most recently in Asia. We wanted to apply this globetrotting take to our collaboration brew. We found inspiration in a classic Thai iced tea: the spiced tea and condensed milk classic ubiquitous in Thai restaurants. The result is a spiced amber ale, brewed with black tea, sweet orange peel, tamarind and star anise with lactose added for a full and creamy mouthfeel.
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About the Beer

Alcohol Content
Beginning Gravity
Ending Gravity
Bitterness Units
Bittering Hops
Finishing Hops
Mandarina Bavaria, Tettnanger
Pilsner, Wheat, Puffed Red Rice, Oats, Acidulated
Lactose, Sweet Orange Peel, Star Anise, Tamarind, Ceylon Black Tea


Mikkeller Brewery
Humletorvet 27, 3. Sal DK-1799 Copenhagen V Denmark
Mikkeller has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of beer with high-concept twists on nearly every style imaginable. Until recently, Mikkeller was a nomadic brewer using the equipment of other breweries to fulfill their vision for unique beers, so they’ve had lots of experience with collaborations. To us, Mikkeller is a great metaphor for the community of brewers worldwide that works together so closely to elevate the craft, making them the perfect partner for our first Beer Camp Across the World.
Mikkeller Brewery
Est. 2006 | Humletorvet 27, 3. Sal DK-1799 Copenhagen V Denmark

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